"I have witnessed first-hand Nancy Van Doren's tireless commitment to Arlington's children and families for more than a decade, having served with her on a variety of PTA and APS Committees. Nancy is a recognized leader in Arlington on the topic of special education, has been an advocate for second language, special education and gifted students, and has assisted numerous families in obtaining the services they need for their children to succeed academically. Nancy has always spoken up for families who would otherwise have no voice in the system. She is smart, compassionate, has common sense and doesn't shy away from asking tough questions. Arlington Public Schools continues to face a number of challenges, and I am convinced that Nancy's brand of informed, experienced, no-nonsense yet compassionate leadership is exactly what we need on the School Board."

- Kathleen McSweeney

"Nancy has a remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge about Arlington Public Schools combined with her unparalleled passion for ensuring that all students can excel in our public schools. Nancy has already shown her commitment to public service through her contributions to numerous committees of the APS community, and by assisting countless families on a wide range of issues. Electing her to the School Board would only seal and strengthen her contributions towards making APS reach its goals of equity and excellence, a benefit for the entire Arlington community."

- Gabriela Uro

"Nancy's tireless work as a volunteer in many different roles at Arlington Public Schools have made her my choice for School Board. Nancy gets things done, yet still manages to include everyone in the process. Her knowledge of the issues, her ability to create enduring partnerships among various APS stakeholders and her bias for action will be powerful assets in setting the course for the future of APS."

- Beth Dowd

"When others weren't listening during last year's APS transportation challenges, Nancy was. Even after her family had regained their busing status, she had empathy for families and kids adversely impacted and she advocated effectively for common sense solutions. She continues to go to bat for those needing bus service by volunteering her time and committee experience to the Multi Modal Transportation and Student Safety Special Committee. She's not a 'problem talker' she is a 'problem solver'. That's why we need her on the School Board."

- Jennifer Bauer

"Nancy works tirelessly for the benefit of all APS students. Her continuing service to the special education community and now her work on the multi-modal transportation committee are two examples of this. I have witnessed and benefitted from Nancy’s vigorous work on APS transportation issues; she is really smart and quickly understands issues and budgets at a policy level. What really sets her apart, though, is her genuine concern for the wellbeing of all APS students and teachers and her ability to empathize with students and parents from all walks of life. I think Nancy would be an excellent public servant and leader as a member of the School Board."

- Elizabeth Wirick

"Nancy Van Doren is a steadfast champion for every student in Arlington. She advocates on behalf of the Arlington Career Center to ensure students, their families and the broader community have awareness and understanding of the college, career readiness, and enrichment programs we offer through our rich varied technical and professional development curriculum. She is invested in making sure every student has the opportunity to pursue classes at the Career Center, which include dual-enrollment courses with NOVA. She is determined to remove scheduling and transportation barriers that keep students from accessing our unique offerings. She is even an alumni of the Career Center, having taken a number of the Adult Education classes. Nancy is helping us make great changes possible at the Arlington Career Center with her dedicated commitment, her clear thinking, and tactical leadership strategies."

- Alisa S. T. Cowen

"I’ve been working with Nancy on addressing APS transportation concerns since the bus issue came to a head in Fall 2012. As a newcomer to the world of APS Committees, Nancy’s knowledge of APS has been invaluable to me as Chair of the Multimodal Transportation Committee as we strive to recommend improvements to the transportation system that will meet the needs of all students and families, regardless of income or background. Nancy has applied the same focused, intense, and informed effort to APS transportation as she has to helping APS’ special needs community. She is a champion for those who might never have a champion in their life. Nancy would be an excellent addition to the School Board, bringing great compassion for students and families and leadership in the face of challenges stemming from rising enrollment growth."

- Kristin Haldeman

"Many of us know Nancy to be an active member of our community, a tireless advocate for parents and teachers, and an accomplished professional who has shared her experience in myriad capacities to improve Arlington Public Schools. Nancy goes above and beyond to give every student a chance for maximum success. She takes a deep personal interest in making sure APS delivers the best possible educational services to all students and professional support for all teachers. In 2011, she was recognized by APS an Honored Citizen of the Year for her extraordinary work, commitment, and impact."

- Alexandra Arriaga

"During her 10+ years of work on APS committees and in leadership roles at TJ Middle School, I've watched Nancy use her professional skills/Spanish language fluency to develop reports, build new programs and engage parents resulting in tangible improvements for all public students in Arlington - especially those with learning disabilities and language barriers. Specifically, her advocacy led to the creation of APS's free CHADD Parent-to-Parent training program whose team was awarded the 2013 CHADD national teacher award."

- Susan Scott

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