Progress on Priorities


Nancy’s actions and votes reflect important community priorities and are focused on constantly improving Arlington Public Schools to ensure all students graduate college and career ready.  She has worked hard to keep instructional issues at the top of the School Board's agenda.   Together with her colleagues, Nancy made progress in the following areas:


Educational Excellence for All Students:  Providing Differentiated, Effective Instruction Consistently at All Schools


Supporting Teachers and Training

  • Compensation increase approved for teachers and staff for 2015-2016.

  • Arlington Tiered System of Support (ATSS) and associated training funded.   ATSS is a framework and philosophy that provides a structured method for identifying specific student academic and behavioral needs with targeted effective interventions and support.

  • Approved and funded system-wide digital learning training for teachers throughout APS.


Family Engagement

  • Approved Family and Community Engagement Policy.  Hired and funded a staff member to expand community and family engagement in APS.

  • Approved and funded county-wide digital citizenship training for parents and students to support the continued roll-out of the APS individualized learning initiative.



  • Ensured early literacy is a top priority and funding focus for the School Board in 2015 and 2016.

  • Supported the expansion of a specialized reading intervention, Orton-Gillingham, to more than 100 teachers throughout APS.

  • Supported the creation of the Dyslexia Task Force, a parent-staff collaborative to improve support for students with Dyslexia in APS.


FLES and World Languages

  • Supported and ensured full-funding for the expansion of Foreign Language in Elementary Schools (FLES) to all elementary schools.

  • Supported the study and re-design of World Languages instruction to better utilize alternative methods of instruction, including online and distance learning, particularly for low-enrollment courses.

  • Expanded differentiated levels of Spanish language classes in middle school for students who are proficient or advanced.



Closing the achievement gap and expanding access to accelerated courses

  • Supported the posting of school data and management plans in each school website so parents and community members can support specific school improvement efforts.

  • Supported the creation of the APS Work Group on Inclusive Practices, an APS staff and parent working group focused on including students with disabilities in the general education setting to the maximum extent possible with proper supports and training.

  • Supported all dual enrollment courses to receive a full quality point, allowing more students to take advantage of and get credit for college-level courses.

  • Approved and provided funding for the start-up of Arlington Tech at the Career Center, providing greater access to a rigorous STEM curriculum for interested students. 



Making Room for All Students:  Maximize Existing Space and Creatively Expand Facilities


Maximizing existing space


  • Approved the completed renovation of Washington-Lee high school to creatively and effectively accommodate 300 additional students.

  • Continued to advocate for improved space utilization / renovations at Wakefield, Yorktown, Gunston, Kenmore, and Williamsburg.

  • Advocated consistently that all new construction and renovations provide flexible classroom space that can be easily reconfigured to address growing and changing school system needs.


Approving New Facilities and Renovations

  • Approved the concept designs for Stratford Middle School and Wilson School (12/3). 

  • Approved final renovation plans at Abingdon and McKinley Schools.

  • Approved the location of the new South Arlington Elementary School at the Jefferson site (12/3).


County/Schools Collaboration:   “When Our Schools Work, Arlington Works”

  • Advocated for and served as liaison to the APS/County joint Community Facilities Study.  This citizen lead group issued a report in October 2015 that calls for improving the coordination and collaboration of APS and the County regarding land and facilities.

  • Supported a request to the County to share community space at the Drew, Hoffman Boston, and Madison sites and the transfer of ownership of the Fenwick Building to APS.