As a School Board member, Nancy will continue to use her experience as a parent, volunteer, and leader to work with colleagues to focus on the following priorities:


Educational Excellence for All Students:  Providing Differentiated, Effective Instruction Consistently at All Schools


Students must leave high school prepared for higher education and work in our technology-driven, multi-cultural world.  Students need the opportunity to reach their full potential and to thrive as global citizens, regardless of race, economic status, ethnicity, gender, language or disability.  This is best achieved through:


  • Providing our highly-qualified teachers with the tools, training, and resources necessary to meet the needs of each student in their classroom.

  • Actively engaging parents so they can be strong supporters of their child’s educational success.

  • Ensuring that all children are proficient readers by the start of 4th grade, when students begin reading for content.  APS must consistently use proven strategies, interventions, accommodations, and assistive technology to meet the various needs of its students as they develop their fundamental literacy skills. 

  • Using proven approaches to close the achievement gap.  All students can achieve at higher levels.  We must target resources, increase teacher training and support, and use evidence-based interventions to ensure that all our children succeed.

  • Providing all students with the opportunity to study a second language, beginning in elementary school, through the consistent implementation of Foreign Language in Elementary School (FLES) program.

  • Expanding opportunities for students to enroll in accelerated courses, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and other college-level courses (dual enrollment) offered through partnerships with area colleges and universities. 



Making Room for All Students:  Maximize Existing Space and Creatively Expand Facilities


Arlington Public Schools are at capacity.  We added over 700 students this year, surpassing 25,000 students.  This growth rate is projected to continue for the next decade, with APS serving over 30,000 students by 2021.  In order to meet the needs of this growing student population, we must continue to:


  • Maximize the use of all existing space within our schools.  

  • Creatively use space in and around the County to meet capacity needs.  Consider renting vacant office space, using County facilities, increasing the use of the Career Center, increasing our partnership with area colleges, and using flexible scheduling and on-line classes, particularly at the high school level. 

  • Build adequate, flexible classroom space through additions to schools or constructing new buildings, when and where necessary, within fiscal constraints.


County/Schools Collaboration:   “When Our Schools Work, Arlington Works”


Strong schools are integral to Arlington’s growing community and economy.  Smart growth requires good planning and the careful management of tax dollars.  


The School and County Boards and their staffs must integrate their long-range planning efforts so that together we can accommodate and fund the County’s growth within its overall budget. Of particular importance is the need to coordinate County resources shared by all residents, young and old:  land, facilities, transportation, social services, and recreation. 


APS and the County must continue to work closely together to ensure students get to school safely. Routes for walking and biking must be safe, so students can be encouraged to bike and walk to school, when possible.   We need to encourage safe, environmentally-friendly choices that promote healthy lifestyles.